Nicole is a Grown-up Pussycat Doll

Nicole Scherzinger was photographed arriving at Katsuya restaurant Los Angeles. Nicole recently sat down with Giant Magazine and talked about life.

It's about how her patience is fully tested right now. It's regarding new projects she's dealing with, as an artist, a woman, as a person. She also talked about being frustrated even though the projects are her lifelong dreams. New album, for instance, will turn out to be sadness if it is not successful.

ďItís just one continuous journey. I started out just making music that showed the other sides of me. I am still exploring that. I donít think I have found any definite number of songs that says, ĎThis is it; this says who I am as a solo artist coming out.í I havenít found that yet. I am continuously being challenged and inspired. Itís safe because itís not out yet, but itís also scary because you really want to challenge yourself as an artist, to take risks. You want to do things that youíre not used to doing. I got to work with a lot of people that I wouldnít have expected to work with. I was in the studio the other night, and I was like, ĎI didnít even know I could do this. This is great!íĒ

After all, Nicole is a grown-up Pussycal Doll...